Match4Business provides a range of services to customers related to Talent and Organization in Business. (acquisitions, mergers, growing, innovating  or downsizing). Our services are tailored.

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The pressure to do more with less is not going away. Don’t get attached to a particular job, role-, process- or platform. Get attached to the desired outcome. Do not hang on to a personal attachment to how things get done. Move with the times and let the outcome rule over ego.

  • M4B Consulting in Change Management, M&A Activities, Performance Management, Organizational Development and Talent Management
  • M4B Academy — Training Talent Capability and Development, Assessment Center
  • M4B Coaching

Mission Statement

Match4Business is a trusted and successful partner for organizations to help them gain, train and retain talent and achieve their full potential with an optimal organizational design and performance management method in a cost-effective way.

Based in the Netherlands, services are offered to organizations in the English Language (Some of our professionals are able to apply their skills in Dutch, German French, and Italian on request).

Match4Business Services ensures clients are equipped with the required Resource Management knowledge and thus enabling them to manage their talent themselves going forward. The focus is always on providing services which directly influence the success and profitability of the client.

Hence the slogan: “HR Services that contribute directly to your Bottom Line!”

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