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Match4Business — Consulting in Organizational Development and Talent Management

Within this division we focus on helping organizations define; plan and execute their Talent Match4Business ConsultingNeeds.

“It’s not just organizational structure and people. It is the right organizational set-up for the right people, in the right place, at the right time in order to drive performance through talent”

Being able to manage talent effectively is an important source of competitive advantage. But talent management has many different components — from defining what talent means for the organization to keeping track of talented individuals as they progress — and each component has an impact on the others. Taking any of these components in isolation can limit the results you get from your talent management practices.

Getting the best from people at every level when there is constant change is the key to sustainable competitive advantage.

We aim to ensure that organizations are equipped in a cost-effective way – without endless consulting hours – to fulfil their own organizational needs. We can focus on change management programs; an entire (re-)organization;  or part of an organization. Sometimes organizations already have an organizational design and talent management strategy in place to be realigned to the current needs, or an entire system needs to be designed and executed. The client decides how much of our services they require. Most importantly, Match4Business leaves an organization equipped with the knowledge and tools to run their Talent Management themselves going forward. We like to stay in touch, and will be happy to help with any future assignments or challenges you may face, but we aim to become obsolete if so required.

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Match4Change™ (Change Management projects and embracing continuous change) Your organization almost certainly faces changes all the time. How we deal with it is key to success. Without change management, change is seldomly embraced. Match4Change does not only provide you with a CM Program. The focus will be on creating a learning organization where we embrace change.

Match4Design™ (Organizational Design) Your organization almost certainly serves multiple customers in multiple markets, and requires multiple capabilities to deliver products and/or the decision you make on how to (re)organize your teams — by market, by geography, by function — will have a significant impact on performance. We guide you to the right decision on “here to focus and how to organize, and then help you to design an organization that reflects your business priorities and ambitions, and establishes a structure for achieving them

Match4Capability™ (Management Capability) — focused on delivering a broad range of practical training and tools to executive management, managers and supervisors within organizations to ensure they are equipped to manage and develop employees successfully going forward. We use the services of our Training Division and tailor these to your needs

Match4Competence™ (Competency Management) — an assessment or review of competencies required to run the organization going forward, followed by a mapping of the competencies in place, required development or even recruitment of new talent

Workforce planning — focused on helping organizations set up and successfully run a workforce plan

Match4Succession™ — focused on helping organizations set up and successfully execute a succession plan

Match4Performance™— Realizing performance advantage by bringing talent management to life

Assessments — focused on helping organizations find the right assessment tools to ensure their specific needs are met. This can include tools for organizations to run their own assessment centers, assessments done by Match4Business or other chosen certified partners

CertifiedPartner Talent Motivation Analysis