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Match4Business Coaching

This coaching model can be applied by organizations for all or some of their employees. The power of this model is that we help employees Develop On the Job over a period of time. Though tailored to the needs of the organization, the approach is generally as follows:

After an extensive assessment with management of what they wish to accomplish by applying this model and an explanation of what this entails, a Match4Business Coach is assigned to an employee for a pre-designated period of time. The process will be kick-started by a competency and/or personality assessment and a face-to-face meeting with the employee. Then, the outcome of the assessment and goals for development are discussed and agreed with the employee and fed back to management for alignment. The coach will help the employee with their Individual Development Plan and have regular check-in sessions for further coaching. During these sessions the employee will be offered suitable tools for improving performance and development.

Integrity and Trust is always paramount in this process. Coaching sessions with the employee are personal and any information as part of our update to management is always first agreed with the employee.

Focus areas: Career Development, Personal Strengths, Leadership Styles, Communication Effectiveness, Conflict Management, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Stress Management, Self-Management, Job Satisfaction, Career Choices, Self-Marketing.

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