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We usually construct an agreement with each person based on the objectives and aspirations of the sponsor as well as the person taking part in the coaching — this ensures that the coaching is focused on application in the workplace, rather than only focusing on personal enhancement of the individual. We use a range of techniques to raise self-awareness often including questionnaires as well as 360-degree feedback exercises. This ensures the coachee can really understand their impact on others and begin to build strategies for change. We tend to agree an initial project of three to six sessions, aiming to deliver some change within that period utilizing a range of techniques including: directive and non- directive strategies; NLP; Emotional Intelligence; Mediation etc to build competence and confidence in the area covered by the coaching. In all interactions, we aim to transfer and power to the person, ensuring that the has the skills to avoid dependency on the coach and to be able to tackle further change We have experience across a range of job roles, industries and situations including, but not limited to:

  • Developing Confidence for a newly appointed Director
  • Talent Management Strategies with new CEO
  • Identification of potential in a young team of highly specialized engineers
  • Coaching of the CEO following an acquisition of a new company
  • Individual coaching to senior manager starting a position in a new industry/culture
  • Coaching a group of identified talent for a young international company on the job development needs

Our results have been impressive, with tangible increases in: Awareness, Competence, and Confidence.

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