Factsheet Giving and Receiving Feedback Training

Match4Business Academy



  • General description

Feedback is the information/perceptions about the effectiveness of your behavior and contribution on the job.  It is a navigational tool that can tell you whether you are on or off course – as an individual and/or as a team. Giving & Receiving feedback, especially when you are a manager or supervisor, is a key skill to be acquired.

  • Purposegiving feedback
    • Learn how to effectively manage feedback keeping performance high and well-integrated
  • Objectives
    • Learn when and how best to give feedback
    • Use a technique for giving feedback
    • Understand how to receive feedback gracefully
    • Practice giving feedback using case situations
  • Content
    • How good is your feedback
    • The Losada Ratio
    • Situation – Behavior – Impact Tool
    • Observation vs Inference
    • The Feedback Matrix
    • Practice Giving Feedback
    • Key Learnings
  • Target Audience (ideal class size: 4 – 10 people)
    • Supervisors and Managers
  • Program Length
    • ½ day course
  • Delivery model
    • Employees will sign up via their HR Department.
    • Training is given on-site, specific training location or at the Match4Business Offices in the Netherlands
    • Training is provided by Match4Business Academy.