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Saskia Niessen,Saskia Niessen Managing Director and founder is a leading consultant and trainer who brings superb experience, energy and passion for others into her work.

This, together with impressive business experience and her strategic approach, ensures that she delivers quality content in a collaborative, highly tailored style that brings about behavioral change. Extremely motivated, creative, enthusiastic and flexible, Saskia has considerable experience of working with small and large multi-national companies. She is conscientious and well-organized with excellent innovative design and delivery skills that help to increase staff competence and business success. Her proven communication and coaching skills are effective at all management levels up to and including Chief Executives. Her experience in applying skills in coaching, mediation, NLP and train-the-trainer ensure managers are not only learning themselves, but will be able to pass on their skill going forward.

With a passion for Business and Talent in Organizations, Saskia started Match4Business in 2005 consulting and working on talent acquisition with a variety of international companies based in the Netherlands. She took a break from this when she was consulting with a multi-national in the chemical industry. Because this company was facing a lot of change, they asked her to join their organization on a more permanent basis, offering Saskia the opportunity to massively expand her experience and apply her business acumen in HR Management. For a little over 6 years, she worked on numerous large projects involving complex talent management issues and managed several large re-organization projects around the globe, before returning to her own business feeling even better equipped to help companies achieve excellence through effective talent management. Since then she has consulted with a variety of large and small businesses adding value to the bottom line.

Match4Business is supported by a team of independent, highly motivated professionals in the field of HR/Business Consulting and Training as well as Talent Acquisition Specialists