Fact Sheet Managing Change Training

Match4Business Academy


  • General description

Change management is a set of skills that help people accept and work willingly with the changes that must continually occur for organizations to be successful. It’s a concept that’s familiar to most of us but – even so – it’s often used without people really knowing what it means. Because change has an impact on most companies, it’s really important for you to understand how it can affect you, your team, and your organization as a whole.

  • Purpose

To learn:change_curve

  • Why organizational change is so difficult.
  • What your personal tolerance for ambiguity is.
  • A model for understanding and communicating what change really is.
  • What you can do to effect change more smoothly.
  • Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Know the principles of change
  • Understand how people react to change
  • Practice and learn how to deal with change effectively
  • Understand how to support and motivate others through change
  • Content
    • The Difficulty with Change
    • Lewin’s Change Model
    • Tolerance for Ambiguity
    • Preparing for Change
    • Implementing Change Successfully
    • Key Learning’s from various companies
  • Target Audience (ideal class size: 4 – 10 people)
    • Supervisors and Managers
  • Program Length
    • 2 x half day (4 hours) or 1 full day
  • Delivery model
    • Employees will sign up via their HR Department.
    • Training is given on-site, specific training location or at the Match4Business Offices in the Netherlands
    • Training is provided by Match4Business Academy.